• Chicken egg

In order to prevent infections (salmonellosis), it is preferable to use eggs after heat treatment.

Before cooking an egg, it must be washed to clean the egg of dirt and harmful organisms. The egg is washed with warm water at a temperature of about 45 ° C. When washing the egg with warm water, pressure is created inside it, which prevents bacteria and dirt particles from penetrating inside. When using cold water, the effect of rinsing with water can be reversed.

The use of waterfowl eggs has a number of limitations[26]. Processing of eggs used for cooking is carried out in a designated place in special marked containers in the following sequence: with a warm solution of soda ash (1-2%), a solution of chloramine (0.5%) or other detergents and disinfectants approved for these purposes, then rinsed with cold running water. A clean egg is laid out in a clean, labeled dish.

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Chicken egg

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