• Homemade sausage

Some types of sausages are distinguished by the raw materials used. Liver sausage is made[6] from offal (liver, trimmings, etc.), mostly boiled; eggs (egg sausage), vegetables, milk, butter and other additives can also be used. Liver sausages differ from other sausages in their pasty consistency and gray or light gray color of both minced meat and casing.

In Russia, depending on the content of muscle tissue, liver sausages are divided into 3 categories: A (over 40%), B (from 20% to 40%) and C (less than 20%). Liver sausages contain 10-18% protein, 12-44% fat; energy value 196-444 kcal per 100 grams. The shelf life of liver sausages in a natural casing is relatively short, up to 3 days; however, when using vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging, as well as preservatives in the sausage, the shelf life can be extended up to 30 days.

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Homemade sausage

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