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Cucumber appeared in culture more than 6 thousand years ago. The homeland of this species is the tropical and subtropical regions of India, the foothills of the Himalayas, where it still grows in natural conditions. Mentioned in the Bible as a vegetable of Egypt (Numbers 11:5). In the Egyptian temple of Dahir el-Bars, green-colored cucumbers are depicted along with grapes[3].

This culture was already known to the Greeks, from whom it passed to the Romans, and in the era of Charlemagne it was already spread throughout Central Europe. In Greece, at the time of Homer, there was the city of Sikyon, that is, the city of cucumbers.

The first mention of cucumbers in the Russian state was made by the German ambassador Herberstein in 1528 in his notes on a trip to Muscovy.

One of the most common dishes in Russia in the 16th century was the so-called black ear, a soup where meat was boiled in cucumber brine, mixed with various spices and herbs.

Nowadays, cucumber culture is ubiquitous and has many varieties and varieties. The fruits of wild cucumbers are small, and some are inedible due to the high content of bitter substances - cucurbitacins.

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