• Tomato

Tomato today is one of the most popular crops due to its valuable nutritional and dietary qualities, a wide variety of varieties, and high responsiveness to the cultivation methods used. It is cultivated in open ground, under film shelters, in greenhouses, greenhouses, on balconies, loggias and even in rooms on windowsills.

Tomato fruits are eaten fresh, boiled, fried, canned, dried, they are used to prepare tomato paste, tomato puree, tomato juice, ketchup and other sauces, lecho. In Spain, cold tomato soups are popular - gazpacho, salmorejo.

Cooking Sun Dried Tomatoes in the Oven

The most rich in lycopene and other nutrients are dried tomatoes, which are added to soups (such as prunes). For 4-10 days of drying in the sun, cherry tomatoes lose 88% of their weight, and large-fruited tomatoes - up to 93%. To get a kilogram of dried tomatoes, it takes from 8 to 14 kg of fresh fruits.

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